Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shoe Shopping with Small People

Today my toddler and I made a return trip to a shoe store that specializes in shoes for people with foot issues.  Inside the front door, they have one enormous black gym shoe that's big enough to fit a giant, but only a one-legged giant.  My son quietly waited in a chair near the front door in full view of the shoe.  He sat patiently, took off his coat, asked if I was "almost done" twice, and admired the giant shoe. The only behavior issue we had was that he wanted to zip his coat all by himself, but can't quite do it yet. 

Being at the shoe store with my amazingly well-mannered two year old made me think back to the one time I took my other son to the shoe store when he was the same age.  Quietly and with expert stealth and speed while right under my radar in very close proximity, he opened boxes of shoes two at a time, switched one of the shoes, and then replaced the lids, and moved on to the next two boxes as if he were on a mission, convinced that was his job.  Unfortunately, I noticed a little too late.  In a matter of minutes, he destroyed an entire row of a shoe store.  I did get really fast service once the sales people noticed the absolute yet silent chaos he had caused. 

I am sure I apologized and offered to help them look through all the boxes to find the matches.  I just remember being ushered out politely and dreading subsequent trips to the shoe store. 

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