Sunday, December 5, 2010

Today I Will Finish My Book!

Today is the day I will finish my book, the last four chapters that are in my mind but not in my computer.  I am so excited and am uber confident I can do it.  No, the book won't be done, and that's OK.  There will be lots of edits and revisions in the next several weeks, maybe months.  Today is a huge milestone:  I will finish the first typed draft of a story I am so excited to tell. 

I signed up for a writing class in October with the goal of finishing this book by the last week of class.  It is the Sunday before the last class.  I will be so excited to read the last few paragraphs in class on Wednesday and share my success with a room full of writers.

As the urge hit me this morning to just go to the coffee shop at the book store and finish those last chapter, I decided to bring my big kids with me.  My teenager has exams in one week; she could bring her homework and books to study.  The last time I went out to write, my pre-teen son had an accident and scratched his cornea.  I wanted to bring him with me today.  He could bring his homework for the week and his DS.  They could both buy a book to read or a suduko book or whatever it would take for them to be happy while I write.  I need four hours, one hour per chapter, silence, eats, and minimal interruptions.  When I proposed this to my daughter, she was all in;  when I told my son he said he would rather have his eye poked out again than have to sit quietly at the bookstore doing homework for four hours.  Fair enough.  I would prefer he wear safety goggles...just in case.

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