Wednesday, December 15, 2010


When did I suddenly become stupid in my children's eyes?  Not embarrassing-stupid but literally stupid?

I told my older kids they must see the Joe Cocker/John Belushi version of "A Little Help From My Friends," the one where Belushi impersonates Cocker while singing with him on SNL.  It was brilliant.  I saw it live.  I wanted to share it with my kids.  My daughter had the nerve to ask if I needed help maneuvering through UTube.  Really?  Do I look like I can't do a Google search and find what I'm looking for.  I have my own web server and SQL server.  I have designed and developed more than thirty databases and applications that went to production.  I designed stuff that she can't even imagine.  But she thinks I can't type "Belushi Cocker + SNL" and select the correct result. Seriously?

Apparently the video has been blocked on the internet but may be on the season two 1976 DVD of SNL, which I believe I own and can rather easily locate.  Hopefully it will be a snow day tomorrow and I can force my kids to watch what will seem like 3000 hours of SNL until they find the video clip in question. 

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