Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Biopsy Results Today

I am very nervous about my doctor's appointment today to get my biopsy results.  I am having a very difficult time having faith that it will be OK, that he will say, "Benign," and send us on our way.  After all, they would have called if the results were benign, right? 

I am more anxious than I expected and probably should just prepare myself in case the word, "Cancer," comes out of his mouth.  At our last appointment, before the biopsy, the ENT said, "If it's cancer, it will be cancer with a little c," and then made a little c with his right hand.  He said it's not a cancer you will die from, which is reassuring to some degree.  The worst case is they cut out my thyroid gland or part of it.  He made this sound like not a big deal, but honestly the biopsy was way worse than the picture he painted, so I'm not sure I trust his judgement. 

Over the last few weeks, I have met and heard about several people that had the same surgery - everyone seems to have done just fine.  I really hope it's nothing.  I guess we will know in two hours....

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