Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have been sick for more than a week and am really tired of it.  Life goes on, so I still have to spend the energy making sure my kids are dressed for the weather, are eating healthy foods, have their boo-boos bandaged, and have everything they need for school.  I feel like a balloon with 90 percent of it's air sucked out, still trying to float and do it's job, but just unable to be a balloon.

Today my son ...(interjection of 20 sneezes - my baby kindly brought me a box of tissues and is staring at me like I'm possessed - 20 more sneezes) ...Today my son had a pajama party at school.  Seems simple, right?  They just roll out of bed and go to school, right?  Well, it's not that easy - they need to be presentable with PJ's not too small, not too big, and without breakfast dripped all over it.  The PJ's also must be cool enough to wear at school without making the kids look like babies.  Considerable effort went into finding the one pair of cool PJ bottoms and putting them through the laundry at 10 P.M. last night when I should have been sleeping off the sickness.

Pajama Day also involves bringing a stuffed animal, but not one that will cause other kids to mock you.  I suggested my son bring a "manly" stuffed animal like a frog or an alligator - he decided on a lizard, which clearly means we have too many stuffed animals. 

My son generously offered to bring a movie.  This means he volunteered me to find one particular movie that was not in its case and put it in his backpack.  Without this extra effort on my part, no one gets a movie, the pajama party is ruined, and everyone blames him.

He also needs to bring a blanket to cuddle in while watching the movie, which means I have to find the energy to wash his favorite blanket tonight since it's going to be dragged on the floor and exposed to at least 20 varieties of germs. 

My husband wants me to go to the doctor today and offered to work from home to help with the baby.  However, he is bad at charades.  He has no idea what I am saying without having me give a full speech, which is really hurting my throat and is completely exhausting. I need to sit quietly and sleep it off, which isn't going to happen today.

I don't want to go to the doctor.  I have asthma, so he will fill me with steroids, which will alter me.  The last time I was sick, they gave me too low of a dosage and had to repeat it at a higher dose, then a higher one, followed by an absolutely ridiculous 80 mg dosage.  To put that in perspective, my husband was prescribed 4 mg.  At the high dosage, I was constantly irritable and lost my ability to multi-task.  Now I understand how the guys feel (at least the guys I know).  God gave the women the ability to multi-task for a reason.  We can't be good mommies if we can't monitor the diaper status while simultaneously doing dishes, making sure everyone has done their homework, and managing the mountain of laundry.  I'm not sure if the mommies out there can imagine doing dishes without being able to think about anything else.  It is not good.  It seems like a great idea, but is debilitating.

My husband is attempting to have a conference call at home, actually yelling at his co-workers on the phone, with my giggling two year old on his lap.  Not professional....

A quick whisper in his ear of "A-B-C-D-E Movie" got my little sweetie right off his daddy's lap and back next to me.  He is mesmerized by "Learning About Letters," the best compilation Sesame Street ever made.  I think it's out of print now - I think the movie is 18 years old or more - a gift from a friend with older kids to my oldest, who loved it as much at two.  When it's over, my toddler will scream, "A-B-C-D-E Movie AGAIN!!"  And I will get another 30 minutes of not having to move or say a word - today that's a wonderful gift.

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