Thursday, October 28, 2010


I think it's funny that my current blog is kind of serious and pensive at a time in my life that is really pretty good.  I appreciate the normal, everyday stuff but can't seem to squeeze the funny out of it anymore. 

When I was in survival mode after my divorce (with full custody of my 6 year-old and 14 month-old and a full-time job), the blog I had then was a comedy, a dark comedy for sure.  I wrote it so I could find some humor in the most terrible days of my life.  You have to laugh when you realize there's no one else that's going to pull the stuffed animal out of the toilet except you.  You have to squeal and make funny faces so the kids will be rolling on the ground laughing too.

That period in my life doesn't seem that terrible now.  I remember how hard it was for sure.  But that was the time in my life when I learned how strong I was.  It was an indisputable fact - still is.

I remember that I couldn't cook anything except canned green beans (yeah, that's not cooking but whatever), chicken nuggets (I actually read the instructions on the box every time), scrambled eggs, and grilled cheese (which I hated).  I made a sport out of finding healthy, well-balanced meals that required no preparation and no electric.  Even today my older kids love salad.  During the five years I was single after my divorce, I learned how to cook.  Now I am proud to say I am a fantastic cook.  I make the best chocolate chip cookies in the world, homemade pie, and improvise with soup once a week.  Now I rarely consult a recipe book for dinner.  I wing it and experiment and have a blast with it.  I can't believe I spent twenty years as an adult not cooking a single meal.

I love my life now, not every minute obviously, but generally I am happy.  The only thing I miss is the funny....

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