Thursday, January 5, 2017

Rejection is Part of the Job

I read somewhere that writers (presumably of short fiction) should strive for 100 rejections a year.

This sounds harsh and counter-intuitive, but not submitting because of the inevitable rejection is like a software developer never going live because they fear someone will find a bug in the code (and they will) or because potential users won't love it. Developers write it anyway. They go live. They know more people will reject the program than embrace it. This is life.

I'm going for 100 in 2017. One down, 99 to go.

(I will post a link to the article when I find it.)



  1. That's a good goal. I know those who do Write1Sub1 write fifty-two in a year and they are submitting regularly. If something is rejected, they send it back out again, so I imagine they hit a hundred submissions over the course of the year. Unless someone is awful, they can't all be rejections. Go for it, Tonya.

  2. Ack. Just received some rejections yesterday. They sting.
    But then they make me determined to write something new and better.

  3. Rejections are a badge of honour. They mean you haven't given up yet.