Thursday, February 4, 2016

Novel Workshop

I haven't been here for a while. I've been writing. I attended an amazing novel writing workshop in August. It turns out that graduate school has been keeping me from working on my novel. So I'm taking a break - probably a permanent one.

If anyone is interested in a fantastic week-long novel workshop where your novel is what you work on (rather than spending your energy critiquing other peoples' novels), definitely check out the Kenyon Review Novel Writing Workshop. It was worth every dime. You will get an honest critique from several professionals who know what they are doing. By honest, I mean direct and to the point. It's what I needed.

I probably will post once or twice a month now while I'm revising my novel (again). I hope you all are well. I would love to hear if you all have had things published since the summer or have had any successes of any kind.



  1. Sorry graduate school was messing up your writing, which is what you wanted to be doing all along. Sounds like a tough but great workshop.
    Good to hear from you!

    1. A month has passed. Not sure how that happened. Graduate school helped to a point. I am much more confident now. That's something.

  2. Sometimes breaks are good. The workshop sounds amazing. I'll probably be taking a break soon as I'm starting one of those day job things.