Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Better Late Than Never - IWSG January 2015

Sorry I'm late to Insecure Writer's Support Group (see link on the right -->).

I have a story for you today.

I have a friend, who is actually my husband's best friend. He has a day job (an incredibly intense, high level job from what I can tell). About three years ago he decided to write a book and self-publish. I thought he was nuts to just go for it like that. My plan was to write until my writing was flawless and then go the traditional route to get published. He self-published his book, wrote another, got an editor to help with revisions, republished the first, wrote another, etc. He does the art and he has published short stories. He now has a fabulous trilogy published. I have no idea if he is making money at it, and, honestly, that's not the point of it for him. The point is he set a goal, and he accomplished it. He didn't let insecurities or fears get in the way. When he saw that something needed to be improved, he sought out help and improved it.

I achieved my goal too - I'm no longer insecure about my writing. I sought our feedback and improved my writing technique across the board. And I am really happy I didn't seek out publication too soon for me. My earlier novels weren't ready. I wasn't ready. But I am now.

So no regrets.

This year, I will have at least one novel (hopefully two) ready to be published. I'm not insecure about my writing. And I know if I manage my time well, I can do it. I will not waver from this goal. I hope you don't waver from yours.



  1. You go, Tonja! Kuddos to your friend for achieving all he did. I'm aiming for your route, but your friend's route is my back-up plan! Happy writing!

  2. There you go! Never rush it, but know when insecurities are what's holding you back.

  3. Way to go with your goals!!! Happy 2015!

  4. That is a good story. Lots of paths to success, aren't there? Congrats to you and your friend!

  5. Yeah! Go for it! The only thing holding us back ... is us!

  6. So funny how different we all are. There is no right and wrong, so long as we collect some facts before making our decisions. I'm with you. I'm glad I didn't publish until I'd had some practice. My 7th book was my first published.

  7. What an inspiring story. Congrats to both you and your friend. And a belated Happy New Year to you as well. :)

  8. 12th January 2015

    Dear Tonja,

    Keep at it!
    As for myself, I have put my novel on the back-burner because I need to find work. But I am planing to sumit my novel to a traditional publisher when it's ready.
    There are so many different ways of doing it!
    Best wishes,

    Anna's IWSG for January 2015

  9. I wish I could overcome my insecurity about writing and sharing it that quickly. I have a three book series which will be coming out soon and I'm waivering between pen name and real name! I am now blogging and talking about my story and have had a short story published and people I know read it and I haven't exploded yet. It's a huge step, a scary one, and you are doing a great job at it!