Saturday, June 28, 2014

Error on Blogger Dashboard

Wow. Blogger isn't working right now that my computer decided to update itself to IE11.  I get an error every time I open the dashboard, and it's working oddly (i.e., not working) at other times as well.  That's not the Wow part - that happens, right? - no big deal to set compatibility mode. When I did that, I got a blank white screen, which was somewhat worse....

When I checked the error reports for Blogger it turns out they know it's a problem and don't care. They recommend using a different browser. I recommend using different blogging software. I used to be a web developer, and I have to tell you it's just not that difficult to make a web page work for all browsers.

I am super annoyed.  And I just don't love Wordpress. Any other suggestions?



  1. I suggest you abandon Internet Explorer and use Chrome.
    Firefox is another option, but I used that at work (their recommendation) and didn't really like it.

  2. My dashboard would only show one person's post at a time last week, instead of the normal stream. I use an alternate reader sometimes, though, so I was able to find most people's posts. Yeah, I don't think Google much cares about Blogger anymore. I think they'd like to herd everyone over to Google plus, which isn't a very good option for creating original content, in my opinion. Though the page views there are considerably higher. :)

  3. I use Firefox. Blogger doesn't play well with IE.
    And I stopped using the Dashboard years ago. Feedly is another option.

  4. I like Blogger best, and Wordpress blogs do not appeal to me. I do have Chrome, but only use it occasionally. It does seem every time we update something, it becomes incompatible with something else.

    When I used to get a blank page on compatibility pages, when you first click it, then I would hit refresh and it would come up. It's worth a try.

  5. I refuse to switch to Chrome because it enhances Google's ability to know your every thought and use it for evil and/or profit.

    As a software developer I can tell you that you kind of have to go out of your way to write some bad code to make a web page throw an error on only one browser version.

  6. Having the urge to design and write some blogging software that is not annoying to use . . . wait, no, I need to go force myself to write a chapter.

  7. Sorry you are having problems with your bog. I recently had issues too and it was hard to get an answer. It took me forever to figure out where I had to get help, as they don't have a call center or email service for support. I hope you find a solution soon. Hang in there.

  8. DG - Refreshing the page after switching to compatibility view doesn't work, although it should.

    Murees - I did get the answer: Blogger is not supporting IE, which means they don't care and aren't going to make any changes. Lots of people have complained.

  9. After reading everyone's comment, I have no clue other than see if you can download LiveWire. That's how I used to post to Blooger.

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