Monday, June 10, 2013

Need to Get to Work

I need to get busy writing.  I've been taking a break while taking care of and driving Child 1 to school while she finishes up the school year (two weeks late) after a nasty case of mono.  No, she hasn't been kissing everyone - she bites her nails . . . used to bite them, that is.  And she shared a drink with a friend who didn't get sick - or at least didn't show symptoms.  Either way, she's just today finishing up the school year, and after today I'm closing down my driving service. 

My preschooler has two weeks off before summer camp starts.  We had big plans for fun every day.  But I'm tired (not mono) and Child 2 is even more tired (maybe mono).  So we've gotten in a lot of television, one Epic movie, and not much more. 

Today, I'm going start writing again.  I'm in that dark, brooding place that makes me want to escape to another world (no, I don't write fantasy).

I'll be back when I have some chapters done . . . could be a while.


  1. Sorry your daughter had mono. At least they let her finish out the school year.
    How was Epic?

  2. Glad your daughter is feeling better. When our babies are sick it eats at peace of mind.

    When those voices get demanding the smart writer pays attention. Happy writing.


  3. I totally get that dark, brooding place where the writer's mind goes to write. Get some good work done. :)

    Also, I'm hanging on until July when my teen finally gets his license and I get to stop being the chauffeur. Though I think I get promoted to worrier at that point. :(

  4. That mono hangs around. Could be months until energy is restored.

  5. Mono's rough. Hope she's feeling better.

    Happy writing! I love it when I'm in that dark, brooding place.

  6. Oooh, I love being in that broody writing place :)

  7. Hope all the kids bounce back soon, and you. Best on getting some writing done. I've been knuckling down.

  8. Ah, I remember having mono in college. It was not fun at all. :(

    Good luck with your writing. Today is the last day of my school year, so I am look forward to digging into writing full time starting tomorrow.

  9. Hope your daughter is feeling better, and the rest of the family is okay. Good luck with all of your writing!


  10. All writing is about escape, no matter what the genre. Enjoy diving into your writing world, and I hope everyone bounces back from their various illnesses, boredoms and end-of-school-years. Good luck.

  11. Sorry about the Mono! Hope your other child doesn't have it!!!

    GOOD LUCK with the writing! May you be productive and prosper! (That's a variation on the original Vulcan.) ;-)

    I've gotta get organized: I'm made several commitments to review/support some book releases and really need to get my act together on my own edits. Thankfully, I've got time off for the next three weeks (apart from next Monday, as I'm going into the office that day), so I'd better plan my life out for these three weeks and then stick to it! (I find I do pretty well when I actually write down the plans, rather than just have vague ideas about what needs doing.)

    PS: "Dark and Broody" is my middle name, which makes getting checks printed a bit tricky. ;-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  12. You're just crock potting something that's all.

    Hugs and chocolate,