Friday, June 1, 2012

On Vacation...Probably...Eventually

I'm going on vacation for ten days. 

We're planning on leaving after the kids get out of school this afternoon.  We are also planning on stopping at a hotel at the half-way point.  I like the idea of arriving at the beach in the morning and stopping half-way so we aren't so tired on day one. 

It's a very low-key beach, the kind of place where you can leave your stuff on the sand all week without having to worry about anyone touching it.  Cool that such a place exists, huh?  There's not much to do except hang out on the beach, swim, eat ice cream, and play putt-putt golf.  It's my ideal vacation. 

Usually by day two the endless to-do list in my head and the background chatter from the stress in my life completely dissipates.  And I feel at peace.  If I ever had enough money, I would move here and live out the rest of my life happy. 

Sounds awesome, right?

Except for this:
  • I didn't finish my novel.  I only have three chapters to go.  Not a deal-breaker really, although I told the kids we aren't leaving until it's done.  I think I need to bend on this one and finish it there or when I get back. 
  • My oldest didn't pack yet (no real surprise). 
  • She also didn't wake up in time to get a shower before school.  I'm honestly not sure when she took a shower last.  I'm thinking it's worth it to leave late to make sure everyone is smelling good for a 12 hour drive.  So we'll wait.  Fingers are crossed hoping that my pre-teen put on deodorant before school.
  • My husband isn't packed yet.  If he had packed, I would be worried - it's not his style.  I figure it's a personal problem if he forgets something he needs.  Whatever.
  • I still have a mountain of laundry to do and can't deal with the idea of leaving stinky laundry behind.  Maybe I'll pour some Febreeze on it and call it done.
  • My husband waited until this morning to cut the grass.  There's a thunderstorm this morning.  The yard is flooded, and it's still raining.  The grass isn't going to get cut.  The only problem with that is the fertilizer is apparently working and I live in a HOA neighborhood where the committee people measure the grass to feel like they have power (no offense if any of you are HOA people - my association just goes a little overboard).  
  • I realized this morning that the gutters didn't get cleaned out after the last time it rained and they overflowed.  I must not have reminded my husband enough times.  I've heard 8 times is the magic number that you need to say something to make another person believe what you're saying is true.  I suspect 8 is the magic number that triggers a call to the divorce lawyer - I haven't tested that one out.
  • I don't have any beach shoes - but somehow I remembered to get shoes for all of my kids.
  • My tiniest child went through a half a box of tissues already this morning while we took the older kids to school.  I asked him to please not puke in the van.  He said, "OK."
  • My husband and I aren't getting along this morning...something to do with the thing where I would like everything to have been done already and he's fine waiting until 3 seconds before it's time to go. 
  • And my husband has to work on vacation.  Again.  Awesome. 

Our biggest issue (and the only true deal-breaker for this trip) is that I have a back problem as well as a nerve problem in my leg and foot.  I can't sit or drive for very long.  And my husband's driving makes me nervous.  We have a new van with better seats, so hopefully it will be all good.  I plan to pack some muscle relaxants and narcotics just in case (which my doctor recommended). 

Maybe I will drive as long as I can stand it, medicate, say a prayer that my husband keeps a good distance from the car ahead of us, and sleep on the bench in the back of the van.  Maybe I will wake up hearing the ocean waves without having to endure the drive - like my own personal time warp. 

I intend to be device-free for most of this trip, so I will be back mid-June.


  1. I really hope you can just relax and enjoy the beach when you arrive. Sounds like you need it.
    I don't pack early either. Guess it's just what us guys do.
    And if you forget anything, there are stores near the beach.
    Now, go soon and enjoy!

  2. Yeah, like Alex said -- Me too. It's a guy thing.

    Hope you have a wonderful, stress-free, crisis-free, drama-free, relaxing, rejuvenating, and fabulous time!!!! Relax and kick back!

  3. I think all women should pack narcotics for road trips with their families. Just sayin'. Ha!

    Have a great time at the beach. Sounds wonderful to this landlocked Colorado girl. :D

  4. Have a great time! (You will once you get there). The preparation period is the most stressful thing there is. For me I have to be at an airport three hours before the flight - my husband can only think about being there under an hour before *sigh*

  5. Have a great vacation. And I'm sure you'll get lots of inspiration away from the computer to make those last chapters really sing.

  6. Enjoy yourself, recharge the batteries, and THEN write the chapters, they will be stronger for it (and so will you!). Call it 'thinking time'.

  7. Your vacation sounds like my kind. Have a relaxing fun time!

  8. Thanks, everyone. It's time to leave. Child 1 is in shower. Husband hasn't showered yet. The two of them might be mostly packed. Need to run three errands before we can leave town. Small person has lost his ability to patiently wait, as have I. I don't care about the laundry anymore. Whatever.

    I got a little nervous about not having my laptop, so it's coming with. As for recharging my battery, thirty minutes on the beach is all I need. :) And we have really awesome sand castle molds. I can't wait.

  9. I remember the first year I let my boys pack their own bags for the beach. My youngest folded his clothes and made perfect little piles. Then he forgot to put his stack of teeshirts in his bag. We went to a discount store and bought him a dozen shirts all alike with a shark on the front. It was funny then and hilarious now. He still forgets something everytime he goes to college and we have to send it.
    Have a good time and hope your back problem allows you some fun.

  10. I hope you're having an amazing time at the beach, Tonja!

  11. Haha, sounds so much like my family :) Man you guys are gonna have a blast! So jealous :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)