Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lost Stories

An idea for a short story came to me last week while I was brushing my teeth.  I thought I would use the idea for my short story of the month for Write1Sub1.  But the day I thought of it was the day I had planned to work on my novel.  I was a good little writer and worked on my novel as planned.

Today I have time to write the short story.  But I forgot the idea.  Completely.  I need to go brush my teeth until I remember it.  (No, it wasn't the one about the Tasmanian devil destroying the world with tainted chocolate.)

Wait...I just remembered the story has marionettes in it!  Ugh...that's all I the story is going to be different than it would otherwise have been.  Oh well.

Marionettes are super creepy to me.  Apparently, I have watched too many terrifying movies involving toys that come to life and act out in evil ways. 

My original story was not a horror story, that I do remember.  If the new story ends up being macabre, I must find the way to include terrifying music too.


  1. Take my word for it and start carrying around a pocket notebook and pen. You may look like a pretentious writer wannabe when you whip that baby out, but it's totally worth it.

  2. OH I HATE when that happens!
    But you watch, someway, somehow, Stephen King will run across this blog, and he'll write that Tasmanian devil-chocolate story. :-)

  3. I've lost story ideas, too. But the good ones usually bubble up again.

    I can't stand clowns and/or puppets...they are too creepy!

  4. Clowns and court jesters and the like are creepy! Good luck not making it a horror story.
    But glad you remembered at least the idea...

  5. I remember that Poltergeist clown. That was really creepy and well done for the time.

  6. hehehhe - I hate toys coming to life in evil ways... hope you find that pesky plot - try looking down the back of the sofa!
    Nice to meet you
    Laura x

  7. Marionettes are super creepy!!! I've lost story ideas that I even thought "I'll never forget this idea." Then I did. But as Jenny said, the good ones bubble back up.

  8. I hate it when that happens! I've learned to keep pen and paper on my nightstand, because I invariably come up with new ideas just before I fall asleep at night. If I don't write them down immediately I lose them.

    And, yes, marionettes are WAY creepy.

  9. A Beer for the Shower - Well, you know, women's clothing is often lacking pockets. Isn't that an injustice? I think they want us to purchase expensive purses to hold our things, which isn't my style. Honestly I was just too lazy to write it down and thought I'd remember it.

    Rachel - Funny! That would be awesome!

    Jenny - I wrote the story today, definitely not what it was originally, but I like it. Hand puppets don't creep me out, but the person working them always does.

    Alex - What I wrote so far isn't a horror story - just a little dark. Court jesters remind me of the kid catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Terrifying.

    Michael - I'm sure the effects would be better if they made it now. I probably couldn't handle it.

    Laura - I didn't remember it, so I wrote a new one. I like it, so it's a win.

    Melissa - I definitely would have written it down if I thought I would forget it. My memory is getting terrible. I need more sleep. And more bubbles.

    LG - That's a good idea. Maybe I could text myself. :)

  10. Ideas come and go, your next will be better.