Friday, January 27, 2012

I Want a Snow Day!

I generally don't like snow.  I have asthma, so extremely cold air rushing into my lungs is the worst feeling I can imagine...well, drowning or being caught on fire would definitely be worse, kidney stones, broken bones, lots of other maladies are worse for sure, but being rendered unable to breathe by a rush of cold air is not pleasant. 

When it snows, I stay inside as much as possible.  I look out the window and admire how pretty it is, but I don't usually venture out. 

This is the aftermath of a really lame ice storm we had a week ago. 
Can you even tell there's ice on the branches? 
The blue sky is an anomaly for sure.

It's the end of January.  Almost February.  And it's raining again.  We've had nearly constant cold but not quite freezing rain every day this week.  This is definitely worse than snow.

We had one moment earlier in the month when snowflakes the size of cotton balls fell from the sky for an hour and melted as quickly. 

I hate snow, but I'm disappointed.  I count on at least one snow day in January, a morning where my kids and I scream, "Yay!!" and have a day-long pajama party. 


  1. It hasn't even been cold enough in our area for snow. I'd like to have one day home from work where I can play computer games all day with no guilt! Or very little...

  2. It's raining here this morning. Florida, of course. Wished I had a snowed-in week so I can finish my edits without any interruptions.

  3. Alex - I'm in Ohio. We usually get snow on and off. This year has been strange. Snow days should be completely guilt-free play days. :)

    Shelly - Unlikely in Florida, huh?

  4. I live in New Mexico, but in Albuquerque, we don't get much snow. The mountains, yes, but not the city. It's beautiful to look at, but I don't much like the cold. And yes, snow days are guilt-free pleasure days.

  5. So far our January has been mostly cold and windy. Worst month of the year. I can't wait to see January in the rear view mirror.

    We've had some bad snows this year, but they still haven't closed the schools. Grrrr...

  6. We've had a nonwinter so far. It's really strange. We usually get our 1st snow in October. We didn't get a dusting until mid January. No shoveling this year. Wonder if we're in for a crappy summer then.

    It's sunny & gorgeous today. Going to be in the 50's this weekend. Like summer...for these parts. :)

    Have a great weekend, Tonja.

  7. Karen - I think I'd like New Mexico.

    LG - They don't close schools very often here, but are very generous with the two hour delays - none so far.

    Matthew - I miss the beach.

    M Pax - I wonder if February is going to be brutal this year to make up for January. Have a great weekend too. :)

  8. Do you live by me? We are feeling pretty gypped in the snow department. Even places only a half-hour drive from here are getting dumped on, and we have nothing!

  9. The weather has been strange this year. It's been raining like crazy here.

  10. Peggy - I'm in Ohio. No snow anywhere nearby. This morning it's looking gloomy outside.

    Elisabeth - More rain today. Weather guy just said it's going to feel like spring next week. I'm OK with that.

  11. January and February are usually the only months we have to worry about snow here... so far this year it's been very warm, the extended forecast is calling for relatively warm weather for the next 10 days too. I wonder if we'll even get a whiff of the nasty stuff this winter.

  12. Rusty - It's fifty degrees here. Global warming??