Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Slow Down

I have not written a word of fiction in December - I know it's only day 3, but I normally write on Fridays and Saturdays.  I think NaNoWriMo did me in.  I only wrote on eight or nine days, but I overdid it every one of those days.  I was initially planning on finishing my NaNo novel in December, but I might set it aside and pick up my partially finished novel from the summer.  I guess I'll decide on Monday, when my muse is all rested and ready to get back to work.  I have two pieces completed that still need some edits, so I could work on them if nothing else.  The idea of completing something by the end of December appeals to me a lot. 

My writing class/critique group this fall has been a bit of a disappointment.  Normally a class gives me momentum, a push forward.  This class met every other week, and it didn't give me even the tiniest bit of external pressure to keep moving.  I did meet my goal - to finish the edits on my last novel in addition to writing 20K of something new - but I did that on the weeks I missed class, not because of the class.

I like the idea of signing up for another class for the winter if only to put myself in the company of other writers and to force myself to leave the house instead of hibernating inside in my pajamas.  I like the idea of meeting a new group of people and reading my fiction to them - and I equally hate the idea.  I hate it because it will take me weeks to feel comfortable. And once I feel comfortable, it will be over. 

So I'm slowing down for December.  I will likely slow down here as well. 

I probably just need more coffee or a vitamin or something.... 


  1. I have noticed the same thing after NaNo - burn out that lasts anywhere from a couple weeks to a month. But December is a good month to focus on other things so I never minded much. Would love to have your voice back in Wed night! I noticed the Monday night class is going back to 15 weeks. Maybe that would give you a bit of air space between hello and see ya later?

  2. This break will energize your creative self. Don't be hard on yourself. It's all good. You've done a great job.

  3. I agree. Let the muse rest. Enjoy the break.

  4. Everyone gets burned out after NaNo. Give yourself a break. And I've never taken a writing class or been part of a real-life writer's group.

  5. Nano is made to burn people out I think. Time to recharge the batteries, right?

  6. I didn't even do NaNo and I needed a couple of weeks to recharge my batteries. The holiday months just have more built in distractions and demand a lot more of our time. Tough sometimes to find good solid chunks of time to write.

  7. I heard coffee fixes everything... and chocolate. Maybe you should try some chocolate.
    PS I can relate though. I'm needing a break from the computer in general.

  8. Blue - I miss Wednesdays too. Great group.

    Shelly - I think I'm going to cut myself some slack until January unless I have a particularly creative moment.

    Missed Periods - Never good to abuse the muse.

    Alex - Classes and groups are fantastic if you find one with good chemistry and postive energy. I've been very lucky.

    Murees - Thanks! :)

    Michael - Terrible if they don't recharge fully...

    LG - December is rough and so worth it to focus on family and on keeping yourself in low-stress mode (I assume that's possible).

    Lynda - It seems I'm allergic to chocolate. I had 5 days of migraines following Halloween. I bought myself one pack of peanut m&m's and had a debilitating headache for 24 hours. So unfair.

  9. I'm feeling that Nano fatigue too, I'll pick back up this weekend or so I'm sure. Just need a few days to relax. Don't get down.

  10. Oh, yeah... I spun for a couple days, too. When you were writing your blog, I hadn't gotten back to it, either. But FINALLY I finished... took 3 more days of actually writing (10,000 more words). And I am SO GLAD I finished... (hint hint)--though if you have two half done projects, I suppose WHICH you finish doesn't matter as much. I'd finish the one you are closest to finishing so you can cross it off your list.

    As for writing groups/classes...I hope you find one that is a good fit. I strongly prefer a group ONLINE rather than in person, but that's because I'm anti-social... or something...

  11. Rusty - It's nice to take the pressure off for a few days. I know I'll get back in the groove.

    Hart - You don't seem to be anti-social at all! I'm so anti-social that I know it's good for me to force myself into social situations. If I stay in the house too long, I may never come out. You are right, there's nothing like writing to make you want to write.