Sunday, December 18, 2011

Challenge(s) for 2012

I am going to participate in Write1Sub1 for 2012.  I saw this on someone's blog post, maybe Alex

The idea is you do what Ray Bradbury did, write a short story a week and submit it (or a different one) for publication every week.  I don't like to be told what to do and am primarily writing novels, so I'm going to do the monthly option.

If you're participating too, let me know.  It would be much more fun to endure twelve rejections in a year with friends.  I suspect the process of accepting rejection will make me stronger (or at least will make it hurt less) - kind of like calluses.

My main goals for 2012 are: 
  1. Finish the novel I just resumed writing (Betrayal).
  2. Do another round of edits on the one I just finished (Anxiety).
  3. Revise the middle reader I wrote a year ago - or write that sci-fi story that's been in my head for 20 years. 
  4. Write a first draft of one of the other WIPs on my desk (two would be even better).
  5. Submit Anxiety for publication. Eeek!...I mean, YAY!
More than anything, I want to give myself the time to write while my babes is at pre-school.  It's nine hours a week.  I deserve nine hours. 


  1. Yes, you saw it on mine! Good for you, Tonja. You can do it!

  2. There are still places that take short stories? Ezines I suppose, right? Anyway, I rarely do short stories, though I did amass enough for a whole book of them:

  3. Alex - Good to know my memory isn't that terrible. Thanks!

    Grumpy - Honestly, I have no idea. The site has a huge list of participants from last year that got their stories published. My assumption is there's no money in it. That's awesome you published a collection!

  4. Good for you. You're bound to come up with some good stuff. I really only work on my novels anymore. Short stories are really tough for me. I need more pages to get my point across. :P

  5. You definitely deserve nine hours. Happy writing.

  6. LG - I love short stories because they can be finished so quickly.

    Shelly - Hugs and smiles. :)

    Missed Periods - Thanks, you too.

  7. Good for you! I think your goals sound great, both the novel goals and the short story a month. I can't write a short story to save my life, but I think concrete goals really help and I think you've got a great plan. Good luck!

  8. Submitting is good for toughening up. I've thought about doing this. I might. I do plan to release 2 novels and a novella in 2012. Maybe even a 3rd novel.

  9. I've thought long and hard about it... And still can commit. I'm thinking 2012 will be the year of revision and edits for me, as I now have half a dozen novels waiting for me to edit/revise.

    Still, I really want to try it. I still have a couple of weeks to decide. We'll see. Good luck to you.

  10. Er, I meant to say I CAN'T commit. Kinda changes the tone of the post when I leave that part out.

  11. Hart - I need goals or all I do is color and watch movies with my little guy.

    M Pax - I definitely need to toughen up. Your plan is awesome!!

    Rusty - Funny - I read it as CAN'T the first time. Awesome to have half a dozen novels to revise! If you get one polished every two months, that's SIX for the year!! (No pressure.)

  12. That is such an awesome idea! I just might try it :) Short stories have become so much fun for me to write lately.

  13. Elisabeth - That would be a really good challenge for you. The stories I've read on your blog are great.