Thursday, November 10, 2011

NaNoWriMo Holiday

I took a break today (yes, another one) from NaNoWriMo fun to play with my little guy. 

We went to the animal shelter to visit puppies.  We stayed clear of the cat room since I'm allergic.  Half-way through the dogs, my throat started closing up at the same time my babes got overwhelmed by the barking, so we left.  On the way out, I noticed live cats sitting on the counter around the office area as if they were decorations.

My little guy wanted to see a train.  Since we were only in the animal shelter for ten minutes and I was breathing normally within a few minutes, I agreed.  I drove to a place where I knew a train was, not very far at all.  The train is an old-fashioned train that does passenger rides, apparently only on the weekends.  I let my little guy walk up to it and touch it twice.  He was so happy.

Next to the train track was a cupcake store.  Not a fancy pants one like you may see on cupcake reality TV.  It was worn out on the outside just like the train, but the inside was cozy and comfortable.  On the way in, I tripped on some Legos from the toy bin that were left on the floor.  It felt just like home.

The cupcakes and coffee were amazing.  We sat at a window facing the train.  My little guy admired the train while licking the icing off the cupcake.

Every table was different with random chairs.  There were two or three different rooms where you could sit, like in a house.  I loved it.  It is my new writing spot for days where I am willing to drive twenty minutes to write with cupcakes.  Next time I'll bring the camera and take a picture of the old train.

My babes was exhausted, so was I.  So we napped for nearly four hours.  Honestly, I could go back to sleep and escape for another four. 

NaNo word count today:  zero. 


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  1. But memories you'll cherish forever? Too many to count!