Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'll Get It Done Before Sunset

Migraine is over...finally...maybe...the kaleidoscope in my eyes has stopped for now, a very good sign.  Probably a mistake to eat that Halloween chocolate yesterday.  It was not worth it if it prolonged my headache. 

It is day one of NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month - the month where we try to write 50,000 words of a first draft of a novel while baking pies.  My goal besides the 50K words is to find or create a yummy vegetarian (non-lard) and somewhat healthy pie crust.  Very risky.  I'm leaning toward oatmeal or oat bran as the main ingredient.  My husband tried not to wince when I told him my plan. 

While laying in my bed watching the light show with my eyes shut, I decided to commit to at least one hour a day of novel writing, which means I need to reduce the words and time spent here.  Instead of writing much, I will try to stick with posting a photo of the day, provided by my daughter who has volunteered to be the official photographer of my blog.  It will be a photo that expresses my NaNoWriMo mood. 

This is my favorite picture so far of all the ones she's taken.  If you enlarge it, the detail in the sky is amazing. 


  1. Oh, gorgeous pic! My daughter is a photographer, too--I love what she can do. Sorry about your migraine and hope it leaves to pester you no more! What an obstacle to trying to write!

  2. Hart - I will pass on the compliment. I tried the camera and thought it would take awesome pictures without effort, but not so much - it definitely involves some talent. I can't handle any light with headaches like that, so definitely no writing. I think I'm OK now.

    Alex - Absolutely! :)

  3. Gorgeous picture. Hopefully it is inspiration for your Nano work.

  4. KH - Thanks! And, yes, definitely inspiration.