Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gratitude and Hope

My foot feels better most days, some days not so much.  Today is a good day - no pain at all.  One day a week (sometimes two), it still feels like there's a nail through my foot, and I feel like I'm starting over in the healing process.  Those days remind me how lucky I am to walk pain free most days and that every step is a miracle.  Ordinary, kind of sucky days - days when my kids are buried in homework, I'm arguing with my husband, or my toddler is being difficult - feel relatively great when I remember how much worse things were a year ago, even just a few months ago, when I had no hope that things would improve.

Today is the first day that I have three full hours to write with a completed novel on my desk, two actually if you include the middle grade chapter book I wrote a year ago - both still need some edits but not major ones.  Next to them is a stack of poems and several short stories, all of which need a little polish but are mostly done.

This morning, I am going to resume writing my third novel.  I started writing it last Spring and am ten thousand words into it.  I am so excited to be able to come back to it after setting it aside for so long.

Today, I feel more than ever that every hour I've spent writing (mostly one hour at a time and sometimes only an hour a week) has added up to a lot of tangibles.  I'm one of those goal-oriented people that can't be happy until the goal is reached.  Today I'm happy.


  1. I love adding up tangibles. That's one great thing about writing, when you produce you have proof to show the world.

  2. Angela - For me it's more proving it to myself.

    Alex - Thank you, you too.