Monday, October 24, 2011

Excuses, Excuses

I got my fancy NaNoWriMo stamp-looking thing and am signed up.  I have all the chapters outlined.  I know my characters.  I'm ready to go. 

Except that one thing - I'm not done editing my last novel. 

I have nine chapters to go.  Nine chapters that the universe doesn't want me to have the opportunity to finish by Halloween.  I know it's wrong to blame the universe - and very risky - it might get you in ways you least expect. 

I expected my husband to be a huge help when he returned from his trip - instead he is quite sick and honestly is kind of annoying me - not because he's sick but because he won't just let me take care of things.  He keeps trying to help.  The conversation to get him back onto the couch is really wearing me down.  It's making me irritable.  When I say, "Don't do anything, just rest and I'll do the dishes," he hears, "Do the dishes."  It would be comical if it didn't spike my blood pressure.

I expected to be done with physical therapy this week, but my PT said something like, "Well, maybe not," this morning.  I tend to agree.

I do have a writing class tomorrow and the external pressure to bring something in, something not entirely half-assed since I have missed two out of four classes so far because of things out of my control.  I kind of feel like skipping tomorrow, but that would make it even more difficult to show up for the next one.  The nice thing about class is it is story time - very expensive story time - where everyone reads a snippet of their work out loud. 

If nothing else, the need to prepare something, anything, for class will give me motivation to edit at least the first of the nine remaining chapters.  Once I'm through one, more will follow.  I have three hours tomorrow assuming no one needs me and no one is sick and my back cooperates.  Maybe I can work on it tonight after everyone else is asleep.

On a side note, I got a new fancy pants digital SLR camera.  I took some pictures, and they kind of sucked, but my daughter took a hundred, and they were amazing.  She fell in love with the camera and volunteered to be my photographer. 

I am going to drop out of blogworld again for a while until I can get through these last nine chapters.


  1. You still have one week - you can do it!!

  2. A week is an eternity - you might be looking for another project to pass the time before Nano begins. Good luck.

  3. Editing can be so hard. It just seems like things can always be changed.

    I hope you'll have a wonderfully productive time :)

  4. Alex - I think I can! I think I can!

    Shelly - Will do.

    Rusty - A week is like five minutes around my house.

    Elisabeth - I agree - the changes seem endless. Thanks