Friday, September 30, 2011

Rewrote the Chapter That's Killing Me

Just now I rewrote the chapter that's been killing me - the one in the middle that needed to be added but just isn't working.  I think it works.  I hope it works.  At least it's better than the last version.  I feel like I can write the next chapter today, the chapter that reconnects with the ending chapters that are basically done. 
I've very excited.  I don't care (mostly) if I don't sell a million copies of this story - or others - it is super fun to write stories.  Few things in life make me happier.

I'll be back when it's completely done.  Mostly done.  More done.


  1. Well, I didn't really nail it - lots of typos and editing to do, but at least I can keep moving to the next chapter now.

  2. Here, here. Nothing makes me happier, too. Doing what we love is fabulous. Glad you made it through that tough chapter.

  3. M Pax - It is fun, isn't it? How lucky are we to find the thing we love?!