Friday, September 16, 2011


Today is our fifth wedding anniversary. 

Our wedding day was an absolutely wonderful day - the weather was beautiful, the string quartet was great, we (me, my husband, and my kids) were at the peak of happiness. 

My son was the best man and ring boy in a tux just a little too big.  He dropped the rings several times before the pastor took them from him - I wished he hadn't taken them - it was so cute - when he bent down to pick up one the other fell. 

My husband had scuff marks on his shoulders from carrying my son on his shoulders while my daughter and I got dressed.  My daughter was the maid of honor and flower girl in a very cute pink dress - the whole day she had a look on her face of pure happiness. 

The day was perfect, the wedding was perfect.  We all remember it that way.

Somehow now there's no time for us to today to be together - no date tonight unless we bring the three year old, no one available to babysit, no possibility of my husband taking off work so we can just hang out together, no different from any other day.

If we can't make time today, when can we? 

The thing is we are doing our best, but the situation is difficult.  We vowed to stick together for better or worst.  Lately it's been worst, but we're still sticking.  And we both have faith better will come around sooner or later, that life will get easier eventually.

Oh, pretty, I just got flowers...literally, just as I was writing this.

The card reads:  I Love You Always And Forever, No Matter What.

No Matter What = No matter how absolutely sucky every day of this last year has been. 

So true.  I feel the same way.

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