Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Walking on My Own Feet

Here's something cool - I haven't used my cane in weeks.  The physical therapy is definitely helping the nerve damage in my foot, although the doctor only expected it would help my back. 

I went to class without my cane last night.  I've done that a few times in the past, but have instantly regretted it.  My foot felt a little sore when I went to bed, but feels fine today.  It's a miracle - three doctors so far have given up on my foot in the past, as have I until now.  

My class is in an old building with the door opening to the sidewalk.  There is no on-street parking and no handicapped parking at all (I find that interesting and annoying).  The safest parking lot is a little ways down the street.  By safe, I mean you don't have to cross three lanes of cars with drivers that don't slow down for people walking across.  I normally park across the street to avoid the walk on concrete and hope the drivers can see my cane and show me a little mercy.  It is uncool to run over the handicapped, so they generally stop. 

More than once I have giggled hysterically watching my life pass before me just before the car stopped and waved me on.  And more than once I have found myself propped onto my cane standing on the double yellow line hoping there would be a break in the line of cars speeding past me in both directions - and I giggled - what else can you do?  I always feel like the frog in Frogger - not a good feeling.  Whenever I played that game, I lost in seconds. 


  1. sounds like you successfully avoided the semis and alligators last night.


  2. Glad your foot is better! And you lose points if you hit a handicapped person. Not cool.

  3. I am so glad that you are improving....

  4. Woot woot!! That's fantastic news, Tonja. I'm really glad to hear of your improvements.

  5. @M - Yes, I am not roadkill yet.

    @Alex - Thanks! I thought you got MORE points for that....

    @Keena - Thank you!

    @M Pax - If it even stays just like it is right now, I'm OK with it. Thanks for your encouragement.