Monday, August 29, 2011

One Weed at a Time

A few weeks ago, I declared war on the vicious crabgrass that has taken over my front lawn.  I have tried everything and lately have resorted to pulling the weeds, one at a time.  I approached it systematically, starting at my driveway and working inward, watering the evil weeds to make them easier to pull or dig up to the root. 

The perimeter was not a problem, since they were mostly scattered, individual weeds that hadn't joined together.  The center was a different story - the roots were all intermingled and there was no trace of grass - only crabgrass and other weeds that seem to have some sort of symbiotic relationship with the crabgrass.  Last week the bugs seemed to be defending the crabgrass too - I had twenty bug bites on each leg.  (I took a day off last week to destroy the bugs before I resumed battle.)

You would think people in the neighborhood would look at me like I'm nuts.  Actually they are grateful and agree that's all you can do - water them until they are happy and the ground relaxes around them, and then attack, one weed at a time. 

Last night I recruited my husband to assist in the battle.  The center of the yard is a mess of weeds.  I assured him sitting in the yard destroying crabgrass on a Sunday is like communing with God.  We didn't go to church, so it was the least we can do.  About an hour into it, we had a lot of bare ground and a bag full of weeds.  My husband's head was soaked - our sons attacked his head with squirt guns the whole time we sat there.  We stopped when they brought out the water balloons.

In the end, we agreed the crabgrass is not one of God's creations.  Clearly, it is rising up from hell to ruin the grass God intended to be in our lawn. 


  1. Oh dear. I live in the desert, so we don't much bother about a lawn. Desert plants are most welcome. :)

  2. I agree! Our job is to make our lawns beautiful for God and crabgrass and weeds just aren't part of the program.

  3. @Mary - I think I would be OK with desert.

    @Alex - I hope God isn't worrying about our weeds. :)

  4. I hate crabgrass. YOu have my sympathies.

  5. Considering the heat we have in the South, I would welcome the water balloons..LOL