Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Writing Schedule

I've read a lot lately about schedules - how writers who work at home struggle to manage their time with all the distractions of being at home. 

I have a lot of distractions.  I don't like to call him a distraction, but I have a two-year-old who thinks he's ten and believes any and all gadgets including laptops and the dishwasher are for him.  This week, I noticed the cottage cheese was a little warm.  Then I checked the setting - it was set to the highest temperature.  I assumed it was my husband trying to save electricity or something while leaving all the lights on and running twelve computers nonstop.  My little guy chimed in and said he did it.  Apparently he thought it was his job to turn the dial to make it stop humming.

I also have a ten-year-old and an almost fifteen-year-old.  They have taken to hanging out together - a summer long chill out time, which they insist they need.  Their skin is pale but they laugh a lot and seem happy.  Apparently my son has taken the summer to perfect his video game skills and has beaten the final level of several games that my teenager hasn't.  In their world, that means a lot.  I try to respect that. 

My husband is trying to do everything to help out, especially since I hurt my back.  He often works at home so he can drive me to the doctor or just generally help me out.  He does this with a tiny person at his side doing his work - usually making a "list" with a pen and a notebook he has filled with extremely important scribbles. 

My husband tries to keep the house tidy and do the laundry so I don't hurt my back more, but it's just not going well. 

While my husband was working yesterday, the kids made tents in the living room with blankets.  My kids are very creative, so they took it to the extreme.  The couch was pulled out, chairs were removed from the dining room, the baby table and chair from the kitchen were used, and about 10 blankets covered all but the center of my living room by the time it was done.  Each persons tent extended into the next person's.  One tent had a little table and chair inside.  They crawled through and visited each other's tents.  At one point there was a dance party in one - I'm not sure if they danced, but there was music.  This went on for hours.  I should have taken a picture...

I'm OK with mess because they were having fun together.  This was probably that one day all of them will remember forever.  My point is my husband was oblivious.  It's sweet in a way.  I'm not sure if he even saw it as a mess. 

I normally am very self-disciplined.  I set aside specific times each week with specific objectives.  I don't get up until I'm done or until time runs out. 

But not this summer, not with my family home most of the time.  I've written a lot and am happy with what I've written.  I have no regrets taking a break from my normally rigid schedule to enjoy my kids while they are home.  And getting healthy again and taking the time to go for walks and do the endless PT exercises is more important - so I can be myself again for them.

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  1. SOunds like you have it all under control... Too bad you didn't get a pic of thier "tents". I remember doing that with my brother when I was little. I am not self-disciplined so you have me on that one... I tend to waste a lot of time and I need to get a handle on that. Enjoy you summer and I hope that your back gets better soon..