Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Yesterday, I was amazingly productive after a long sleep (I admit it was muscle-relaxant induced) and reading a very inspiring blog post, my favorite kind.  I think it's amazing how an early morning pep-talk can make a difference in my day. 

My little guy is become very low maintenance for me, which makes it easier to write a little while my husband is at work.  My older kids  have opted for a lazy video game playing summer.  My middle son has had some medical problems, and my daughter just recovered from dental surgery, so I'm letting them sleep late and chill out as much as they want. 

My two year has taken to rotating between the three of us.  He plays with cars and builds Legos with his brother (the Duplo kind that he can't stick in his ear).  His favorite thing is pretending to go camping and hunting with his brother.  We set up a tent in his brother's room.  I am the bear that ends up being eaten in the end and my daughter is inevitably the deer.  There's lots of screaming and drama.  My little guy may end up in theatre some day.  They pretend to cook the meat and then feed it to us - yes, forced cannibalism.  When I brought that up to my older son, he said, No - I was the mom again when they gave me the meat.  Whew.

My little guy has also taken to resting at the end of my daughter's bed with her during her recovery time.  He shuts the door and tells me to get out.  My daughter is a teenager and loves her private time but adores having her little brother snuggle up with her while they listen to music. 

Yesterday, when my little guy was done with his sister, he came in to write with me.  He took a page out of my recycle bin and asked for one of my favorite pens - his favorite too.  And he wrote his story on the page.  So sweet. 

We all got together yesterday for a game of Candyland too - my son's first time playing it.  He was pretty much able to take turns and follow the directions.  After one game, he was tired of the rules, so we packed it up at that point.  My older kids and I love board games - until now we needed to wait to play them after my babes was in bed.  I can't wait to get out more games and play every day.

With my little guy happy and occupied, I was able to write yesterday even after he returned from his little school.  I wrote a chapter of something new and marked up what I think will be the final edits to the first half of my last novel.  I figured out the little things that seemed undone about it.  I can't say how excited I am.  Today I have time to type up the remaining edits and write new chapter to finish the first half.  Tomorrow I hope to start finalizing the second half. 

My back hurts when I sit to type, so I've been standing some, then sitting, then standing.  I overdid it a little yesterday and need to pace myself today.  The steady progress feels amazingly good.  I feel like I've been working on this novel for a year and a half, but I actually only wrote the first word in January this year.  I will be very happy if I can have the edits done by the end of the month.


  1. Congrats on reaching your latest landmark!
    I don't know how you do it. I got tired just reading this post!
    Candyland is a classic game. Fun for all ages. I usually lose (conveniently) when I play with my grandkids.


  2. Thanks. :) Very sorry to wear you out. I was a little rambling there - I just hope my new chapters weren't.

    There's a huge age difference with my kids - ranging from 14 to 2. The littlest gets special rules at my house, which drives my husband nuts (he was the oldest of 8 and apparently won every game).