Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Novel Films Blogfest

I just signed up for the Novel Films Blogfest at Scribble and Edit.  The idea is to write about films you've seen where you've also read the novel.  It runs August 1-3.  The list of novels/films is impressive.  It will be interesting to see what everyone writes about.   

My daughter and I have very similar taste in literature and movies.  She's 15, so aside for her love of classic rock, we don't agree at all on music.  But movies and literature definitely bring us together. 

My son bought the whole collection of Harry Potter at the beginning of the summer, promising to read every word of each of them.  Our original copies were misplaced and were worn out from my daughter reading and re-reading them when she was younger.  She just found her copies and agreed to read them with him - I did too, but am only at page 11 of the first one. 

My daughter suggested that we all read the first book and then watch the movie as a kind of reward, a celebration with popcorn and candy.  Brilliant.

We are all in agreement that it's always better to read the book first and then watch the movie.  It's no good to go backwards.  The book has details and characterization that doesn't always come through in the movie.  And movies often rearrange the sequence of events or throw things in that didn't happen in the book.  It's hard for us to read a book after we've seen the movie.

We have all seen the first Harry Potter movie and have it here somewhere probably on both VHS and DVD.  But it's been a lot of years since we've seen it, so it will be like seeing it for the first time again. 

I have to say, I don't remember being very impressed with the first movie, but the first 11 pages of the first book are pure genius.  I definitely need to set aside some time to finish it. 


  1. Bless you for giving my blogfest a shout out. I think the first film was less well done on top of which it seems less appealing to adults because it is essentially a kid's film. As the Harry Potter story unfolds it gets more grown up and the directors seemed better able to work with it. :O)

  2. Madeleine - thanks for hosting it. It's a great idea.