Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Thoughts on the Budget Crisis

I normally don't address things political in my writing.  I hear enough about politics from my dad.  Honestly, it's my least favorite topic. 

This week I was astounded to hear that our government is still at an impasse in coming up with an agreement on the debt crisis. 

If any of these people - Senators, Representatives, or the President himself - were behaving this way individually or as a group in a normal business setting, they would have been fired already.  There is no way a committee or group of managers in a normal business would be permitted to let their company get to this point.  And there's no way they would keep their jobs if they waited until the 11th hour, until the second before the company was in complete financial ruin, to say, "OK, we can agree now." 

I'm sure I simplify the complexities of politics in my analogy, but the bottom line is that these people are not doing their minimum job requirement - keep the government running. 

I wrote my Senators - Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown - and my representative.  My representative didn't bother to even send an automated letter that she received my email.  Sherrod Brown sent an automated response asking if I wanted to join the mailing list for his newsletter - no, I do not. 

Rob Portman sent an actual response.  To paraphrase, he said he agreed the U.S. government (not himself) has done a bad job with this and has overdone it with spending.  He said he was/is on the Senate Budget Committee, but took absolutely no responsibility, no apology, nothing.  As if it is them and not him. 

I talked to my dad this evening and thought he would be happy to know I stepped up and emailed them.  Instead, he said it will all work out in the end.  Everything will be fine eventually, they will reach an agreement in the end.  It's a little late for me.

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