Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Moving Along...Then Paused

I was on a roll yesterday doing revisions to my last novel.  I finished yet another round of revisions to chapters 1 and 2.  I attempted to print them - I have old eyes that work better on paper than on the monitor.  I seem to skip over errors on the screen that I would otherwise see if they were on paper. 

I attempted to print - no connection.  I rebooted the printer.  Nope.  Again.  No.  I rebooted my computer.  Printer again.  Time was up for writing.  Husband came home for lunch and offered to fix it.  It really was too late.  Time was up.  I gave up for the day.  Later in the evening, he asked me if it printed.  I stared at him and walked away.

Let me say this - although my computer nerd skills have decayed with full time mommyhood, I should be able to get the printer to reconnect.  We have a network in our house, our own email server, an my own web server.  We have two wireless access points.  (Don't ask.)  I may have lost my ability to write a line of code, but I understand the technical aspects of how all of these devices are connected. 

But it's still not working.  And it's dental surgery day for my daughter.  So today I will keep things on pause.   


  1. Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery.

    I like to print out my revisions, too. Same reason. I catch things that I otherwise wouldn't. Good luck getting the printer to behave.

  2. Ugh, I'm sorry your printer isn't working!

    And I hope your daughter recovers quickly from the dental surgery!

  3. Good luck with the printer issue and I pray that your daughter recovers quickly.

  4. Thanks! You all are so sweet. We had a rough start after the surgery, but she's doing really well now.

    Printer's still dead. I think I'll be fetching things for my daughter today, so no time to print anyway. My two year old has his doctor kit ready.