Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Motivation to Write

My baby woke me up a little early.  I stayed up too late again.  I feel a little hung over but didn't have anything to drink.  Maybe I'm getting sick. 

I went downstairs for a cup of coffee.  My husband is very sweet to take over cleaning the kitchen since my back has been hurting.  But not last night.   He lost a day's work on a server that died just before I went to bed.  I knew he got less sleep than me and was likely up all night trying to redo the work he lost. 

I stared at the kitchen disaster while the coffee poured into my cup.  Today was my day to write - it's morning school for my babes and water day.  He doesn't have a clean swim suit.  It's raining anyway. 

I immediately set aside my plans to write.  The kitchen can't stay like that all day.  I don't know how I'm going to lift the large pots or take out the garbage.  Maybe the big kids will help.  I'm not angry - I don't have the energy for it.  It just needs to be done, so I'll do it.  That's what moms do. 

I found a suit for my little guy and handed it off to my husband, who looked like he had the dressing of the two-year-old under control.  I went to my desk with my cup of coffee, still aware there would be no writing today. 

And then I read two inspirational posts that changed everything. 

Laura Josephsen  got her book cover done and is ready to publish.  She is always so upbeat and positive, but not in an annoying way - it seems very genuine and is contagious.  I can almost hear the bubbliness of her voice when she writes.

Kid in the Front Row seemed to be talking directly to me.  In his post he eloquently says what I needed to hear:   Just write it.  It will figure itself out when you write.  He talks about inspiration and how that is engendered from the act of writing itself. 

I have six chapters of rewrites to my otherwise completed novel.  Edits are usually tough.  When you know what it needs is a complete overhaul, it takes energy.  I planned basically what I need to do.  I have no energy today.  But I will find energy in doing it. 

I have three hours.  The clock starts now.  I just need one more cup of coffee....


  1. Oh you can do it! You are on the final lap - near to the finish line.

    Having discipline to write like that can be very hard. I am struggling with that myself. Usually on the weekends. For some reason when I'm trying to cram in an hour within my work day, it feels a lot better. Maybe I like the feel of "crunch time."

    Good luck!

  2. Got one chapter done. :) I don't know if I would be able to write much at all if I had a normal work day.