Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Fifty-Thousand Word Threshold

I am about five hundred words from the fifty-thousand word threshold.  Very exciting.  And very unnerving at the same time.  I have a strong urge to do anything else. 

But I will press through.  After all, I promised myself I would work on a chapter a day.  If the next chapter were a rewrite or just edits, I'd be off the hook.  But it's not.  The next chapter is a new one that needs to be inserted at the spot I am at now.

I usually write in the mornings after consuming an extra large cup of hazelnut coffee.  Today was different.  Workers started banging on my front porch while I was still sleeping.  Last night I caved in to my aches and pains that have been keeping me up and took a muscle relaxant, which left my mind sluggish this morning even after two extra-large cups of hazelnut coffee. 

So I didn't work on my novel this morning...but I made that promise to myself right in front of you.

I need to do edits to the previous five chapters - they are marked up but not typed.  Everything in me wants to finish them first before I write another word.  I think I will cave into that need and finish up the edits to the previous chapters first. 

But tonight I really want to write my fifty-thousandth word.  It may be a long night.... 


  1. That's incredible, Tonja! Congrats, and keep on keeping on.

  2. I hope you do it. That's great that you're so close.

  3. Thanks again for the encouragement. I worked on typing up edits to the previous chapters until my back was done. I couldn't sit to write another word. I looked at the word count: 49,973. Just 27 more words, and I would have done it only with revisions that weren't at all intended to fatten it up.

    Oh well. Today will be the day.