Monday, June 27, 2011

Vacation Day 1

Yesterday I planned our vacation week stay-at-home-because-my-back-hurts activities around the weather.  And around the delivery of our new ultra firm mattress that I hope and pray will be the magic that I need to feel better this week. 

This morning was supposed to be super hot and muggy followed by afternoon thunderstorms.  Instead, we have coolish weather and a steady rain.  How can the weather people be that wrong? 

Instead of a morning bike ride or trip to an amusement park, we are finishing up work around the house.  My daughter is painting her room, my middle son is watching his three thousandth hour of tv this summer (I know, it's not good but the kid has been feeling bad), and my toddler and husband are running errands.  I have been cleaning and folding laundry. 

I think it's a good day for movies and/or bowling after lunch.  We will go to the theatre with the tiny screens but comfortable seats.  I will watch and cheer on my family while they bowl.  I will fill my boys' pockets with quarters for whatever video games they want to play.  That can't be anything but fun. 


  1. Sounds like it will be a good day.

    One evening the weather dude was raving on TV on how beautiful it was outside. There was a raging blizzard out there. "Look out the window, dude!" I yelled at the TV. Still makes me laugh.

  2. LOL - I should know better by now. We have a plan B for the rest of the week in case it rains.

    We ended up going bowling - my toddler's first time. My husband forgot he has carpel tunnel and racked up his hand in the first two minutes. The babes and kids had a great time. They have a little ramp for the small people so they can roll the ball down a slide and into the lane. The pizza was absolutely delicious. I sat out but it was super fun to watch and cheer everyone on.