Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rain, Rain

We cancelled our beach vacation because my back is hurting too much for a long drive.  We decided to make the most of it and do things around here. 

But it's raining.  More rain.  How much more can it rain?

I began planting my vegetable garden in early April just before the rain started.  It's been raining since with only a handful of days I can remember that were rain-free.  I have watered my garden only three times.  It's been raining that much.

Luckily, the drainage in my raised veggie gardens is apparently perfection.  The new roof is holding up just fine.   And the basement is dry.  But the world outside my window is very soggy. 

And I can't stand a car ride long enough to drive away from it. 

It may be a week of going to movie theatres and indoor museums while the rain carries on.


  1. Sorry that it's raining so much and that your back is hurting. I have seen a couple of good movies this last week. Come over and check out my reviews. I will be writing another about the movie I saw last night soon. Good luck with the veggie garden. I hope you get lots of good tasting veggies!!! :)

  2. Hi Tonja:

    We would be happy to accept some of the rain and take the load off of you. Feel free to send some our way.

    It seems Mother Nature needs more lessons in equality.


  3. Send your rain to Florida. We'll gladly take it. It drizzled all day. My grass still sounds and looks like rice crispies.

    Hope your back gets etter.

  4. Sorry it's bummed out your vacation. I can recommend some good movies though! Go see Super 8 and Kung Fu Panda II.

  5. @Keena - apparently the extra water has made the lawn monsters especially happy. They ate my garden overnight. Not one strawberry is left. We are only seeing kid movies 'cause that's how my life is right now.

    @Bryce and Shelly - it's amazing to me that no one has figured out how to suck up the excess water and put it where it's needed. They can suck oil from under the ocean floor but can't move water from here to there?

    @Alex - I forgot about Super 8 - we definitely should see that. Maybe I can sneak out now with a kid (not the one that's crying).