Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good News and Bad News From Doctor's Offices Today

Today was the first day of summer break for my older kids.  We went to see the neurologist this morning for my son (had a concussion after maybe a seizure, maybe fainting).  He agreed to postpone the seizure meds, which I know first-hand can alter your personality and make you more like a zombie than yourself. 

When I fainted/seized in my early twenties, I had the pleasure of having a second job interview while on seizure meds.  I had zero anxiety and wowed them with my calm demeanor in the face of what should have been an anxiety-provoking interview.  I got the job on a day I wasn't me at all. 

The neurologist agreed that we should watch him, get his blood-sugar monitored, and agreed to write a note to make sure he is allowed to eat a snack at his new school next year.  His current school allows the kids to graze all day except on the day he cracked his head on the ground just before lunch and nearly four hours after breakfast.  Better low blood sugar than epilepsy is my new motto. 

This afternoon, I had to take my daughter to the dental surgeon.  She has an impacted second molar that is messing with her first molar's root and apparently must be removed.  It is a scary surgery - a rather important nerve has grown through the roots somehow like a weed run amok.  Or maybe the root of the teeth have weaved their way around the nerve like a knitting project gone bad.  Either way, it makes me nervous.  She is sick thinking about it.  We have a month before they do it.  I told her to have as much fun as she wants with her friends for the next few weeks.  Not that it's going to kill her, the surgery, or that it's going to turn out bad or ruin the rest of her summer.  Just that fun will take her mind off of it. 

So our first day of summer break really kind of sucked.  Tomorrow we will have fun.  We must. 

And I need to make some time to write for me.  Life is getting to be a bit much lately.  I need to write my way out of it for sure.

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  1. Oh, that sounds so rough all around! It's always overwhelming when kids are dealing with so much--for them and for mom. I hope that everything is sorted out and that all of you have a fantastic summer in spite of everything going on!