Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blog Short 4: Chihuahua on Vacation

..."I'm afraid of birds," I told my husband and wanted to go home.  "My Aunt Virginia's cockatoo attacked my head when I was three.  Or maybe my sister's.  Let's go."

(To be continued....)

This post is part of the BlogShorts Challenge June 2011. 30 stories ~ 30 words ~ 30 days


  1. Wow that's quite a challenge - good luck! I really liked this post, especially the "Or maybe my sister's head". It reminds me of how we sometimes (not implying it here) have fears and we make up stories to explain them.

  2. Parts of this story are made up, but the birdophobia isn't. My mother actually keeps switching the story - my head, my sister's head, no - my head. Either way, we both hate birds, me more than her. They are OK from a distance, but terrifying up close - especially peacocks.

  3. Quite the menagerie's like Animal Crackers for grown-ups!