Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blog Short 23: Chihuahua at the In-Laws

I took my bloated chihuahua outside for a walk in his favorite knit sweater.  He walked on top of the snow with funny steps, his feet freezing, never sinking in.

(To be continued....)


This post is part of the BlogShorts Challenge June 2011. 30 stories ~ 30 words ~ 30 days


  1. I can picture this...poor puppy.

  2. I can see those little feet walking in the snow and the bloated tummy. Well done!

    Thanks for always stopping by to cheer me up. You rock!

  3. Shelly - Thanks for stopping by - I hope things are better for you.

    Murees - Thanks! :)

    I am hoping my ex still has pictures - if he does, I want to scan them at the end of this and post them.