Monday, May 23, 2011

Serenity Now

I have an opportunity this morning for some peace and quiet at the beginning of what will likely be a very busy week.  I am happy to say it is raining again - a lot actually.  So at least the demand for me to drive small people to soccer practice will be diminished this week.  That will help a lot. 

This morning, I write.  Not this.  My novel.  I will finish the first section of my novel and get that treat I've been hoping for (see earlier post if you want).   I will write now if my husband stops texting me (love you, honey), the phone doesn't ring (I will ignore it anyway), and I log off of email right now.

***time elapsed***

Yay!  I wrote a chapter I am very happy with - 1500 words.  I need to add one more chapter to finish out the first section.  I love writing!  Total so far on this one = 8500 words.  

I can't wait until my writing class/group starts up again in June so I can share this story.

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