Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Things are definitely getting overwhelming.

My husband is in northern Africa.  Too close to Libya for me, but he feels safe so hopefully he is.

My middle son had a seizure and got a concussion when he fell from standing onto a hard floor.  I just sent him back to school and am very nervous and worried.

My daughter is going through a rough patch with friends.  I hope today is better at school.  Five more days....  I distinctly remember how much high school sucked and how words said to me then still sting a little today.

My toddler started a new room today at his morning school.  They told me one of his teachers from his old room would be there.  She wasn't.  They told me several of his friends would be there.  They weren't.  He was unhappy at first and then kissed me right on the lips and walked away.

I have three hours to write or rest or do whatever I want.  But I know today I will worry for all of them. 


  1. Hugs and positive thoughts to you!

  2. Praying and trusting all will be well. Love all of you. God is with you - turn to Him. Mom E