Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is for Whining about the Weather

It's kind of silly to whine about the weather.  There's nothing we can do about it, right?  I honestly enjoy rainy days as much as I like the sunny ones.  Variety is good.  Up until now for this unusually wet month of April, my motto has been "At least I don't have to water the garden."  And I haven't.  Not even once.  I planted my vegetables about two weeks ago just before the rain started - it's still raining.

I admit, there have been moments, sometimes hours, when the rain has stopped.  But not much more than that. 

I try to count my blessings.  My garden is happy and doesn't seem to have been harmed at all by the excess of water.  I suppose it's good to test the drainage - apparently the drainage is fine.  My vegetables are all merrily sprouting, and my flowers are very happy and huge. 

I feel bad for people living near rivers and creeks.  I can't imagine how difficult it would be to clean up a flooded basement. 

This morning, I told my 4th grade son, "Same as yesterday," when I gave him the weather report before school, "except they might do that thing where they make you huddle in the bathrooms."  I assured him it's no big deal, and I really hope that's true.  When we woke up my toddler, I said, "Another rainy day," he put his hand over his face. 

Soon, the rain will end - soon.  Maybe this weekend.  I whine just a little this morning while I have time.  Enough already with the rain. 


  1. It's been raining and gray most days here lately.

  2. We had snow and sleet this week. Sun is out right now. Yay. Hope it stays clear.

  3. I think snow would be worse. At least my flowers are happy. More rain tonight....

  4. I live in a very rainy climate and this winter/spring has been extremely generous with the wet stuff. There's been rain all my life. But, the funny thing is, I can't actually remember any of them. And my childhood had no rainy days at all! I guess we never took photos in the rain.

  5. @Stephanie - Really? I do have lots of memories of rain. Many of them good - maybe that's why I enjoy it for the most part - at least when it's not every day for three weeks. BTW, it's back.

  6. oh for some of that rain - we haven't any for weeks - I planted my seed and veg - have been watering them eversince! my underground rainwater tank is running low and it's not even summer yet!

    No I'm not whining about the weather either!