Thursday, April 14, 2011

L is for Laughter

The thing I love the most is the infectious laughter of my kids, especially when it's silly, started only by a goofy look or something that would never make a serious adult laugh, and the kind that goes on forever, laughter they can't seem to stop.  "I can't stop laughing!" they scream and laugh some more.  I hope we have a laughing kind of day - the last few have been very serious.  Everyone has been so grumpy and tired this week (the first week after spring break). 

A few months ago, my middle son said, "The baby smells like sausage!"  It wasn't sausage - it was really foul smelling poop.  That made us laugh for days.  We told my middle son to stop eating the sausage if it smells like that!  And every time the baby pooped, we said, "You smell like sausage!  Ewww," and laughed some more.

My daughter, who is now a teen, was a hilarious baby, a comedian with perfect timing.  She made me laugh every day.  One evening when she was less than two, she stared intently at the veggie pizza I made just for her.  She pointed to the mushrooms and said, "That's bugs!" with a funny face.  Then she looked up and smiled at me, knowing she was funny. 

I miss laughing with my sister until we were doubled over with tears pouring down our contorted faces, both of us struggling to breathe. We are both too serious now for that.

I have a million happy and funny memories of my kids and my childhood.  I think tonight I will be the comedian and tell as many stories as it takes until my kids laugh until they can't stop.


  1. Smiling myself now. Wishing you a day of contagious laughter.

  2. What a great topic for "L." When I was younger, I used to call that kind of out of control laughter giggle fits. This was delightful. And so nice to "meet" you on this a-z challenge.

  3. I wish I had your sense of humor. When my children poop, I plug my nose and frown.

  4. When I was little, I thought eggs tasted like toes. (Don't ask.)


    I'm sure there's some sausage out there that smells like poop - that, or your baby's poop smells pretty good.

    Holly Jahangiri
    It's All a Matter of Perspective

  5. @Blue - we didn't laugh much that day, but my 4th grader said they spent lunch tickling each other hoping for milk out the nose. Seriously.

    @Karen - I like that name for it! It is amazing how many people I have come into contact with because of this challenge.

    @Holly - Oh, no he stinks. Just not like sausage. Rancid sausage, maybe. I especially loved the format of your blog - the calendar/planner idea is really nice.

    Thanks to all of you for visiting!

  6. @Angela - In my writing class last week, the instructor asked if we could volunteer a talent we have to a fundraiser. All I could think of was that I surely just changed my 3000th diaper. So I kept my mouth shut.

    I love your blog - the poems are awesome. I can't imagine doing a poem a day that I would want to share - especially with an alphabet theme. It would be more like Dr Seuss.