Friday, April 1, 2011

A is for Acquiesce

Here's the thing.  I thought it would be fun to join the A to Z Blogging Challenge so I acquiesced (complied passively).  The only thing I could think to do is use a word in each post for April that I don't normally use in conversation.  OK, I use acquiesce in normal speech, and you probably don't need the definition of it - but it seemed to work for the first sentence, so there it is. 

What I do not want to do is create an abeyance (temporary suspension of activity) in my normal day-to-day writing and in doing so cause myself to be in a state of apoplexy (becoming angry to the verge of exploding).

The reason I thought using abstruse (hard to understand or grasp) words in these alphabetical posts of April would be good for me (but maybe not for you) is that I have been assiduously (diligently) studying for the GRE for what seems like forever.  It is my biggest stumbling block to applying to graduate school - besides that pesky thing with my foot that makes it rather impossible to walk long distances and stand on hard surfaces. 

I thought I could use this challenge to increase my vocabulary by 26 over the next month.  To my horror, I found there to be quite a few A words that I don't have absolute command of.  So in these posts for the month of April, I will try my best to post as normal while using as many test-worthy words as I can in an attempt to finish this challenge while attaining a demonstrable accretion (growth in size or amount) in my vocabulary without causing an apostasy (abandonment of a loyalty) from my readers or making it too arduous (difficult to do) for me.

My stumbling upon this challenge was adventitious (accidental) and aleatory (based on chance), but may well help me in the long run overcome this one thing that I have been putting off for so long.  Proof of this vocabulary obsession can be seen in the ana (collection of materials that refect a person or place) on my bookshelf of GRE and Word Power study guides that I often pick up with alacrity (eagerness) but quickly abnegate (renounce).  Preparing for this exam at this time in my life has simultaneously been an obsession and an anathema (something loathed or intensely disliked).

Unfortunately, I do not adumbrate (suggest partially or foreshadow) that you will find any aphorisms (wise sayings) or anything useful in any of these posts - just random posts with words I fully admit to not having in my vocabulary despite my best efforts.  You may find a little humor when I fumble and use them incorrectly, as I am pretty sure I have done here with at least two.

With any luck, this alphabetical adventure in April will not abrogate (nullify or set aside) my reasons for blogging - which is just a warm up to writing fiction.  If this causes an anomie (an instability caused by an erosion of values or lack of purpose) in my writing routine, I will need to abandon this exercise. 

I think I will stick with it - there's nothing better than having at your fingertips the one exact right word that you need to describe a character or a setting.  I have to admit I like the word apoplexy (which also means a stroke); I am sure I can definitely use it in one of my stories.  I am also fascinated by the need for the word ablution (the act of washing one's body) and wonder about it's first use in literature.

As I write these April posts, I adjure (urge solemnly and earnestly) you to stick with me and perhaps join me in this little adventure (click the button on the right panel to sign up or the link above).  My initial thought was to write a poem or two here - maybe I will.  It may have been more fun to go all Dr. Seuss on you for this alphabet challenge.  Something like this:  Ambivalent alligators admire angry advaarks that acquiesce to assidulous (ill-tempered) ants.  I know, it's nonsense.  I'll stick with big words instead and not in a Seussical way.

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