Friday, March 25, 2011

Snotty Little Noses

This may only be funny for parents of small children and little boys, so read at your own risk....

My two year old had a unique ability to blow his nose for as long as I can remember, but only until the day he started his little daycare.  When we visited the school, the first thing I noticed was the snotty noses.  I told the teacher with absolute confidence that my little guy can blow his own nose and will scream for a tissue if he can't find one.  Famous last words. 

Every day since, his nose has been runny.  If you try to wipe it, he runs.  Peer pressure, perhaps.  Maybe that's the way the cool kids roll with faces crusted over with sticky green. 

Today when my little guy was sitting in his little bathtub, I took a washcloth to his snotty face.  I told him, "You know you used to be the best nose blower ever!"  He looked at me and sniffed in real big.  I gave him some sincere advice.  "That's just sucking it in.  You need to close your mouth and blow it out like you are trying to blow a candle out with your nose." 

He tried and tried and eventually blew gooey snot out of his nose and right onto his face.  I wiped it and screamed, "Hurray!  That was awesome!" in a way I never would with adults in the room.  I really was excited. 

He was so happy that he did it and got so much praise from me that he spent the next five minutes (no exaggeration) blowing the snot out of his head and onto his face.  He laughed out loud, and so did I.  As soon as I told him I thought for sure there was definitely no more snot in his head, out more came.  It was gross but hilarious. 

I am happy he can breathe better now.  Hopefully he will have a peaceful nap.

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