Wednesday, March 9, 2011


When my daughter was in third grade, she went against what I thought was her true nature and joined cheerleading.  Let me tell you she was cute as a button in her little outfit with her hair fixed just so.  The other girls told her she had the look - and she did, but that was it.  There was no cartwheel in my sweetie pie - and it just wasn't for her.  She was the only one that opted out of cheer competition.  Quickly after that she signed up for softball - much more suitable for my little girl. 

Before I go on to why the word "Cheerleaders" popped in my mind this morning and before I get busy writing the stuff I really meant to write today (most assuredly not about cheerleaders), I have to say how much I didn't fit in with the other cheer mothers.  They mouthed the cheers with the girls and did the little routines with their hands - very small as if to hide it - full grown women doing tiny cheers.  All but one other mother joined in this ritual every practice.  The other mother and I stood separately so whatever was affecting them wouldn't affect us.  It was horrifying.  I apologize to any cheer moms out there if I'm being offensive - but please stop.  They can do it without you.  Join a dance class or something if you need something for yourself. 

That said, I read two blogs this morning and left a very cheerleaderish comment on one.  You can do it!  Don't give up! I said with complete sincerity.  As I started to submit the thing, I realized I needed those words said to myself.  So I take my own advice this morning and trudge on.  If anyone is reading this, struggling writers in particular, I say to you what I wish someone would say to me - You are awesome!  You are meant to be a writer or it wouldn't matter if you get stuck. Writing makes you happy so write.

(And, no, my husband and daughter still have not read my perfected chapters - oh, well.)

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