Friday, February 11, 2011


In exchange for a mere six hours a week of productive time for me, four out of five people in my family are sick.  Little snotty noses from daycare have taken us all down.  My husband isn't sick, but is taking off work to help out.  I hope he doesn't run out of sick days before he gets it too.

On the up side, after just twelve hours spread out over two weeks, I have been able to accomplish an extraordinary amount of work.  I wrote a few chapters (I am actually too fuzzy to remember how many) and have revised all but three of the ten or so chapters.  The first draft of my book is almost done - started only four weeks ago. 

I always felt guilty having to send my older kids to all-day daycare when I worked a normal full-time job when they were younger.  I have no guilt over sending my little guy to school now.  It is a little Montessori school - the teachers are sweet, even-tempered, and happy to be there.  The kids get to play in a wonderful indoor gym on bitterly cold days like today.  They give the children jobs to do so they feel big - they get to pour their own snacks (better there than here!) and do independent activities.  Yesterday, my two year old made a bird's nest and told us how he did it - he really liked digging the hole and dumping in the eggs.  The best thing of all is the morning ends in music class, my son's absolute favorite thing in the world.  Every day he comes home singing a new song over lunch. 

This experience is priceless for him and is just what I need - not time away from him, but time for me to write and accomplish my goals so I can be a better mommy.

Now that I have painted that happy picture and have convinced myself the sore throats and snotty noses are worth it, I need to take a nap while I can.  Today absolutely sucks.

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