Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Daycare Success...Sort Of

This week, my toddler started daycare.  It's only a two day a week, three hours a day kind of thing.  He definitely could use the stimulation and I would love the time to write.  He has been counting down the days to go to school.  Unfortunately, the excitement turned into anxiety somewhere along the way.  My two year old was up until 11:00 last night, talking about school buses and sandboxes. 

After not enough sleep, he was magically fine this morning, walked right into the room, looked at the activities, and chose a puzzle to work on.  A little girl attached to him and worked on a puzzle right next to him.  It was happiness and rainbows.  I couldn't have asked for more and left completely stress free.

I am proud to say I did not come home and clean the kitchen, get a shower, make the bed, do a quick load of laundry, vacuum my room, or even check my emails.  I grabbed a cup of coffee and edited two of the remaining five chapters I wanted to proof read.  I printed off the second chapter with the changes I made in just enough time to get in the car and go get my little man. 

When I picked him up, he walked out with his baby blanket, the special blanket that my sister made for my daughter fourteen years ago.  It is super soft.  He loves it.  We rolled it up carefully this morning to put it in his tiny little backpack, stowed on the hook outside the classroom just so he would feel safe.  Apparently, he got a little sad and they had to get his blanket. 

As we walked to the car, he told me about his music class and sang, "Pop Goes the Weasel."  When I sang it and asked if that was the song, he said no and sang basically the same song back to me.  I asked if he got to pour his snack.  He said, "I missed."  I asked if he liked the snack.  He said, "No, it was BAD!" and made a face but wouldn't tell me what it was. 

After school, we shared a good lunch, read books, and he had one giant meltdown before finally falling asleep.  He was really tired.  I hope he has fun tomorrow. In my solitude today, I came up with the ending for my book.  I am definitely happy.

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