Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Injured Helping the Injured

Yesterday at school, my daughter twisted her ankle during gym class, which she has every day.  As the evening progressed, the pain and swelling got worse.  As I wrapped it in a bandage, she asked me what shoes she could wear tomorrow, how she could walk on it, and what about gym class.  I honestly didn't know, even after being plagued by foot injuries myself and nursing her through a hip and knee injury last year that seemed to last forever.  I offered to take her to the doctor's office.  They had an appointment open that evening.

As we went to the doctor's office, me with a cane and her with a limp, all we could do was laugh at how pathetic we were hobbling through the office.  We both hoped they wouldn't send her to get x-rays, which would require a trip to the hospital.  We both laughed at the idea of her hopping hop along behind me while pushing me in my wheelchair.  Of course, she did need x-rays, but was a very good sport and went to radiology alone while I and my cane waited in the lobby. 

This morning she wrapped her own foot like a pro, went to school on crutches with her backpack on her back (not an easy thing to do), and wore her favorite slippers with socks. 

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