Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bike Challenge December Update

I am not doing well on the bike challenge.  I give myself a pass and blame sickness.  Our dot on the map has barely moved.  We are pretty much still here at home on our virtual bike ride.  My ten year old is a little disappointed in me but has offered to add his miles to mine, which I think is a fine idea.

On the up side, my husband and I have been doing a 6-minute abs video every day for two whole days and have committed to doing it until we are no longer soft and pudgy.  Last night, on day two, we moaned and cried trying to do little tummy crunches with sore tummies from day one.  Should be hilarious tonight.

On the down side, my doctor informed me a pound is 3500 calories, not 2100, so riding my bike to Seattle will not lose me 22 pounds - not even close.  I will recalculate later.

We have re-gifted all of the treats we were given and have gifted people with the remaining treats we made and have committed to not eat out until we are able to meet our healthy weight loss goals.  But our diet isn't going that well either - dinner is still a challenge when you start planning the meal two minutes before dinner time.  I think it will work out - we just need more time.

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