Thursday, November 4, 2010

Terrible Twos and Teenagers

Like most mothers, I love my kids and would do anything for them.  I think about them all of the time and always consider them when I make decisions.  My world revolves around them.  I have been working from home (sometimes not working at all) for the past four years.  I think it has been great to be there for my kids, but sometimes my teenager probably thinks I am home a little too much.  I agree and wish I could turn my head for a while and not worry.  It is not a great time to raise teenagers - technology is as bad as it is good.

Most mothers have to worry about teenagers or two year olds.  I have both and one in the middle.  The one in the middle is good as gold.  He senses when I am used up and tries to be kind.  Yesterday my teenager was in normal teenage trouble, and today my two year old is making sport of throwing cups (not empty ones) and bananas.  I am excited to say today he can say the word banana clearly for the first time.  At first it was "brrrbrrbrrbrrnana" then recently progressed to "Boo-nana."  Today he said it perfectly for the very first time.  Then he threw it at me.  He has a very good arm.  I am happy it was a banana and not a bowl of cereal or spaghetti. 

Later I checked my teen's grades online (also not my favorite advance in technology since the grades are always there in our faces), decided to ground her, got myself ready for a battle when she got home, emailed her teacher to get clarification, and got poked in the stomach with a piece of plastic my toddler tore off of something.  I put him in a time out, which he refused, then carried him to bed while he fought me every step of the way.  While enduring two-year old screams and trying to come up with a way to make him sit a time out, I got an email from my teenager's teacher that it was his mistake (yeah!).  When I checked on my baby, he was all smiles and apologies. 

Either one of these scenarios would be enough for any one mother.  Both at the same time is a little much.  And the worse part is I know what's coming:  terrible twos last two years minimum, and ten year olds turn into teenagers too quickly.

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