Monday, November 8, 2010

Sick Toddler

There's nothing worse than having a sick toddler - well, maybe having a sick infant, or being one.  My little man is my third baby.  He woke up crying and whimpering.  He never cries like that, like a sad cry.  He wails or screams or just talks - never ever has he gently sobbed.  I woke up hearing his little cry and thought, "That's not good."  And it isn't.

It's almost noon. He is still laying in bed.  When I ask him what hurts he sweetly points to his head and looks at me with sweet, sad eyes.  I gave him Tylenol, but it still hurts.  It hurts him when I uncover his armpit to take his temperature.  It hurts when I lift him up to change his diaper.  Poor baby.  I put the portable DVD player in his room and offered to sit with him.  He said, "No sit mama."  I offered to rock him, but he said, "No Rock-a-Bye Baby, mama."  So I am staying close, listening, and checking in often with offers of snack.

He is watching his favorite movie, Spirit.  It was luck we found this movie when my middle son was little.  It is about a wild horse who is taken by American soldiers and then taken by American Indians.  No one can tame him and ultimately everyone recognizes he needs to be free.  The message is great for them, and it is great for me.  There is not much talking and lots of great Bryan Adams songs.  I don't know if you can still buy it but recommend it for small children who need a distraction when they are sick.

I hope my tiny man feels better after he takes a nap.  I hope it's a 24-hour kind of thing and he's all better soon.  I just want to hold him in my arms and rock him but he cries if I try to move him.  It has been so long since my big kids were this little.  It's hard to remember if they behaved the same way when they were sick.  I do remember them sleeping a lot when they were sick.  My smallest child isn't sleeping although he looks so tired.

Prayers are helpful and are calming for panicking mommies, even old, experienced ones like me, so I am praying he gets better quickly and that it's nothing serious.  If anyone is reading this and can send a prayer, please do. 

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