Saturday, November 13, 2010

Obstacles to Writing

There is no worse obstacle to writing for me than distraction.  And no worse distraction than a dirty desk.  My desk has become a magnet for clutter.  When I sat down this morning to try to write this is what I found:

  • several pictures my kids drew over the years that I intended to frame
  • my e-Reader, totally dead and without its charger
  • a Print Shop CD that I never installed and probably never will
  • a box of GRE vocabulary cards that were mocking me
  • a stack of used and new Franklin planner pages - do I really need that when I have Outlook?
  • a Franklin planner filled with unused pages from September
  • a really cool Christmas card from last year with a gingerbread man that morphs into a snowman cookie if you move it
  • The Iliad
  • a bookmark that I quickly inserted into The Iliad
  • headphones for the Rosetta Stone French course that I've been meaning to install
  • several pens
  • a stack of journals from the last two years that I have intended to look through to pull out story ideas but haven't
  • a piece of paper with my ex-husband's email address on it
  • "Tuning Zone-Based Policy Firewall Denial-Of-Service Protection" printout - obviously not mine
  • the warranty info for my tv
  • a tv, which I regret I chose to put on my desk
  • scissors, two screwdrivers, and a half-dozen power cords (still not the one for my dead e-Reader)
  • two large pen holders filled but with no pens
  • a stapler
  • the reading glasses I have been searching for
  • a pad of graph paper
  • three drawing books for children and a pad of drawing paper
  • two coasters
  • a dirty coffee cup
  • a lot of loose poems
  • printouts from the printer, mostly garbage
  • random receipts
  • a remote control
  • a notebook just for poetry drafts
  • a stack of papers I need to look through
  • the power cord for my digital camera
  • an empty plastic report cover
  • my current writing journal
  • laptop and laptop accessories
  • lamp
  • two black mesh dividers for bills with no bills
I removed everything from my desk, polished it, and put back the things that actually belong there.  The rest I left on the floor, my bed, or my dresser (yes, spreading out the mess).  Now my desk is too clean.  I still can't seem to focus on what I wanted to write about and can't find the chapter I wanted to work on (my guess is it's in the stack on the floor).


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